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Features, Accessories & Enhancements

Before your pool is even built, its worth thinking about any cool features, accessories & enhancements you would like added to your pool. The choice you have is quite endless and adding the smallest accessory can enhance the pleasure of using your pool.

Here are just a few features that are quite a popular choice for enhancing the model of your pool:-


Adding lighting to your pool will can a stunning and pleasing look to your pool in the evenings! To be honest, it really is a feature that every pool should have. The shape of your pool will determine the style of lighting you may go for and the landscaping around your pool can also affect how your lights may want to be installed. Also, if you have opted for a specific tiling colour you certainly would want to think about how certain coloured lighting would look mixed with your tiling.

There are now more lighting options than ever and you would be hard pushed to not find the lighting options of . your choice. Here are the main lighting features and options available to you:-

LED & Fiber-optic

LED (light emitting diodes) lighting and fibre optics are the newest type of lighting available for many purposes. Fortunately, such lighting can now be submerged in water and is full water proof! One of the huge advantages is the LED and fibre optics don’t get hot. The slight downside is they may not emit as much light as other methods and tend to produce a more warmer feel to the ambience of your pool. 

Moon Lighting

Lighting up your pool is just one option when it comes to thinking about how lights can enhance your pool experience. Being in the water is just one of the pleasures of owning a pool. Sitting around the pool with your family and friends is also part of the pleasure and placing of lights are important to ensure the sitting area is lit appropriately. In fact, its not just about the ambience! Its also about safety!

The term ‘moon lighting’ refers to using lights to ‘spill’ light onto the seating surface. For example, you could use light to shine directly onto a wall but make sure the light reflecting from the wall spills sufficiently onto your seating area. Directing the light directly onto the area where you are sat can be just way too bright and hazardous.

A great tip is to take advantage of any trees surrounding your pool. By lighting up the trees at night you will find it gives a beautiful ambience to the surrounding area of your pool. Angling the lights correctly will also spill enough light onto the seating areas where you and your guests are relaxing.

Water Features

If you’re looking to give your pool the ‘WOW’ factor then take some time to look into your choice of water features. Not only do they truly enhance the cosmetic elements of your pool but they also give off that relaxing and soothing sound!

Here are a few examples of water features that will be available to you:-


There is no mistaking the sound of a waterfall! Get creative and you’ll not only feel like you’re sat in the Amazon rain forest but your garden will be filled with the sound of paradise!

You can go as far as you want with how elaborate you want your waterfall to be and a range of materials can be used to construct it. The use of natural stone is a popular option but you can also find companies that provide full natural looking moulds that mimic a natural stone look. 

Another option is seating! Pop a place to sit on underneath the cascading waterfall and your family and friends will be thanking you for the free shoulder massage! 


A lovely addition to a pool is to have a fountain of water shooting up from the ground. Were not talking a stream of water as high as your house but more a stream of water that may be as high as your waist. The kids love it and will spend hours running in and out of the bubbling water! The parents may thank you too!

Water Jets

Water jets add a nice element of fun to your pool. They tend to sit on the outskirts of the pool and stream a thin jet of water into the pool. With the use of lighting they can also look quite spectacular when it gets dark.

In can be common, particularly in the UK, that the wind may blow the water jets onto the walk ways. This can cause slippery surfaces! Fortunately, water jets can be installed with sensors that automatically turn off the jets when the wind reaches a specific speed!

Water Slides

Water slides are an excellent option for adding entertainment and general fun to your pool. You’ll most expectantly find that the adults enjoy them more than the kids!

Slides come in all sorts of sizes and designs! If your budget allows it you will also find that some companies can build custom slides to your specification. When considering the size and design be sure to allow for water depth so those flying off the end of the slide can land safely into the water.


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