Lets Get Serious

Let us first congratulate you on making the decision to start looking into having your very own pool built. We are with you every step of the way and always share the excitement with all of our customers.

We know you’re eager to work out how much it will all cost and this page is all about giving you a very rough idea of the elements of pool construction you must consider. 

Don’t forget, ToB Leisure take care of everything from design to the final build so you won’t need organise anything yourself! 

>Getting the ball rolling

When you speak to us we will want to hear about the initial ideas you have in regards to how you want your pool to be designed. This will give us an idea of the scale of the project. We can then organise a visit to the site where your pool is to be built and we will perform a site survey.

The site survey will highlight the majority of everything that needs to be considered. This includes access to the pool, positioning and dimensions of the pool, location of any facilities (changing rooms etc) and any possible issues that may delay the project.

Once our site technician has the information he needs we can then provide you with proposal of how much the building of your pool will cost.

>The Big Approval

Any major construction work always requires certain permissions and having a pool built will certainly fall into this category. However, an indoor pool will require different permissions to an outdoor pool. In fact, an outdoor pool usually requires no permissions at all.

As long as all of the plans adhere to the UK building regulations we’ll be good to go.

We don’t want you to worry too much about this though. We have all of the relevant experience and contacts to make sure application for any permissions is as straight forward as possible for you.

>Lets Go!

Once all plans have been passed and all permissions have been granted we are then able to get started.

At this stage we would have thoroughly talked you through everything so you are clear on what exactly is going to happen. There will of course be some disruption to your normal day so its important to us that you know this beforehand. We do however do our absolute upmost to keep things as normal for you as possible during the construction process.

>The Main Costs

Many factors affect the final cost of having a pool built. Due to this, we wanted to put a list together of the most important factors to consider so you can prepare in advance when calculating your budget.

There are several methods and materials that will affect the cost of your pool. The main options, in regards to the type of material a pool can be made from, are:- 

Block and liner

Gunite (a type of concrete that is sprayed onto a network of steel bars, then rendered, waterproofed and can then be tiled. Can be used to design complex curves

A polythene preformed shell

The method of choice will depend on several factors that we would discuss with you on our first meeting.

Other things to consider in regards to cost are:-

Do you require the water to be heated?

– What type of filtration system will be required?

– If your pool is outdoor will you require a cover for when the pool is not being used?

– Do you require underwater lighting?

There are many options available to you when having your pool built. There are also many accessories available and of course you can go as far you like in terms of the cosmetic details of your pool. We can talk through all of this with you and will advise you when needed.


Maintaining and servicing your pool will make sure the water stays safe to swim in and will prevent any future issues or repairs. It is absolutely essential that this is done on a regular basis.

The cost of maintaining your pool will vary depending on the size, the method in which the pool was built, whether the pool is heated or not and several other factors that we will discuss with you.

On average you can spend anywhere between £5 – £10 per day on the upkeep of you pool. Its important you are aware of this.

Our main message here is that once the pool is built there will be ongoing costs and we wouldn’t want you to not be prepared for this.

For further information about the after care and maintenance of your pool once it has been built you can head over to our contact page HERE where you can email or ring us with any queries you may have.

>Your House Value

Having a pool as part of your property doesn’t always add value to your house. You have to bear in mind that if you sell your house at some stage in the future you might find it hard to find a buyer that is prepared to continue to maintain the pool.

On the other hand, it can be an extremely attractive and luxurious addition to your property and you’ll find the value it adds to your house was well worth the investment.

We always recommend that if you are concerned about how the installation of a pool can affect the valuation of you property that you contact a professional who can estimate a valuation for you. We can arrange this for you if required.


If you’ve read through everything on this page then you are absolutely ready to get in touch with us. Lets get the adventure started! Head over to our Contact page HERE where you can email or ring us.