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Pool Safety

At ToB Leisure we feel it is absolutely paramount that you are made aware of the basic safety guidelines that we highly recommend you adhere to. By following the guidelines below, and simply using common sense, you, your family and friends will always find using your pool a very pleasurable experience.

 – CHILDREN – We’ve put this one right at the top of the list! Always ensure that a child is supervised AT ALL TIMES when near or in the pool. Children are not as safety conscious as adults are. They like to explore and, to a child, a pool does not seem like a danger! If you have toddlers we would recommend that you have a fence built around the pool with a locked gate. There should be nothing near the pool that your child can climb to get to the pool either and if anything, teach them to swim ASAP!

 – Use non-slip mats as much as you can. By adding them to diving boards, the pool deck and pool ladders you will massively reduce the risk of slipping.

 – Ladders – it is advised that there is a ladder at both sides of the both. This ensures that anybody in the pool can easily get out!

Handrails – Most ladders do come with handrails. An absolutely necessary accessory to accompany ladders!

 – Electrical Equipment – It may seem obvious but there are many reports every year of electrical equipment being used in the water! Don’t do it! Keep anything connected to the mains well away from the water! You are risking your life if you don’t!

 – Lay the ground rules – Particularly with children, always remind them of the basic rules. No running around the pool and make sure they know what to do incase of some kind of emergency. Do you want them pushing people into the pool? The rules can be endless and as the pool owner you do have a responsibility to lay down the rules you want in place.

 – Prepare the pool – Always check the water before anybody gets in. Large items that remain in the pool can become a hazard for those jumping in!

 – Alcohol – Having a party and a few drinks around the pool is all part of the experience. We always encourage our clients to just be mindful of the dangers of being excessively drunk when using a pool. Falling over becomes more common and disorientation in the water is a very real danger! 


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