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Heated Pools

Not everybody opts for heated pools. but if you do, you’ll find there are pros and cons to this option.

It’s a huge luxury and does add quite a bit to the cost of your pool. However, you will most likely use the pool more when the water is nice and warm at any tome of the year!

There are a few things to consider when looking at heating options. All of these things will affect the overall cost but its important you are clear on the decision you make. Its also important that you are clear on why you have made that decision.

Choosing a heating system

Here are the main elements of heating a pool to consider:-

 – The overall cost of installing the heating system

 – How much it will cost you to run the heating system

 – Is the heating system straight forward enough for you to use

 – How accurate is the heating system you choose?

 – What the general weather will be where your pool is located.

The running costs

The best way for us to give you an idea of cost is to guide you through the cheapest and most expensive way of heating your pool. Once you have decided the size of your pool we can then give you an estimate on the cost of heating it.

Here are the 4 main pool heating methods:-

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps currently provide the cheapest method of heating a pool. Not only that, they are proved to also be the most environmentally friendly.

Heat pumps are electrically powered and can heat pool water up to 40˚C. With all heating methods, it totally depends on the surrounding temperature as to how warm water can be heated. For example, to maintain a temperature of 40˚C the outdoor temperature would need to be around 15˚C. The colder the outdoor temperature is, the harder it is for the heat pump to heat the water. If the outdoor temperature is 10˚C then the pump would only be able to heat the water to a temperature of 30˚C, and so on.

We find that it will cost you approximately 50p per hour to run the heat pump. You can generally run the heat pump for 24 hours if the outdoor temperature is fairly warm but it can struggle for long periods of time in very cold weather.

If you are looking to heat your pool for long periods of time and need a very reliable method then using gas may be a better choice for you.

Gas Heating

Using gas to heat your pool is a very common method. This can be used for indoor or outdoor pools. Gas is great for heating a pool for long periods of time and all year round.

Like any gas boiler it is essential that gas pool heaters are installed by a qualified gas engineer so everything is installed safely to the UK regulations. ToB Leisure will of course provide a gas engineer if needed.

A gas heater is fairly easy to use and easily enable you to choose a desired temperature. Built in will also be some safety devices that will shut down the boiler in times of over heating.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is a great way of keeping costs down when being used in conjunction with other heating methods. Particularly here in the UK where the weather is very unpredictable.

There are several solar heating options that have different forms of transferring heat to the pool water. Some work better than others and cost does play a part in the better performing methods.

If solar heating is an option for you then get in touch with us HERE and we can talk you through your options.

Hybrid Heating Systems

This is the daddy of heating systems! Its more expensive than any of the other heating methods but if you need your pool heated for long periods of time, all year round, then this is for you.

There are a few options with hybrid heating systems but the general configuration is that you take advantage of several different heating methods. You can, for example, opt for gas, electric and solar heating and the hybrid system will choose the relevant and economical heating method dependant on the air temperature.

This gives the ultimate constant pool temperature whenever you need it!


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