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Outdoor Pools

With the Summer getting hotter every year in the UK, the demand for outdoor pools is increasing rapidly.

If you’re looking to invest in an outdoor pool it is highly recommended that you have a chat with our trusted and honest team first. It is truly an amazing investment to have your very own pool built and Its vital that we have the opportunity to talk through everything with you.

 There are of course many things to be considered! Such elements as the surrounding landscape,  future maintenance and the general servicing required to keep your pool fresh and clean.

Having an outdoor pool built is a big financial commitment. Before you even contact us we urge you to check out our ‘thing to consider’ page HERE to just give you a brief idea of a few elements of having a pool built that you need to be aware of.

We have over 45 years experience within the construction industry and have been involved in the building of small to very large pools. Not only do we help with the design and plans of your pool but we do all of the building work. You won’t need to seek out any third party companies at any stage (although you are more than welcome to if preferred!)

What makes us different from other Pool Builders?

ToB Leisure is simply the name we use for the pool building part of our business. Our company, Taylors of Bath, is one of the most experienced building and construction firms in Somerset and has built an exceptional reputation throughout the 45 years we have been in business.

What this means for you is we have all of the contacts needed to ensure that your outdoor pool is built safely and to the standards you should expect from us. Furthermore, once your pool is built we can then proceed to commit to the cosmetic features of your pool, such as tiling, landscaping, enclosures, accessories and everything else required to make your pool look as spectacular as you would hope.

As pool builders, we love the adventure that we share with our customers. Its an amazing experience for you to see your pool being gradually built and we are always around to answer questions you may have. 

We hope to share your adventure soon.


Lets get started by having a chat about the type of pool you want and the basics you need to know before we get started. Get in touch with us and together we’ll start to plan the design and build of your pool. Head over to our Contact page where you can email or ring us.