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Indoor Pools

There are many options when it does to having your very own indoor pool installed into your property. The 2 main options are whether you use an existing building to house your pool or whether you look to have a brand new extension or stand alone building to have your pool installed into. 

Each option will have their very own requirements in order to start building your pool and we highly recommend that you discuss with us first your ideas so we can talk through with you the ins and outs of the design and construction process of each option.

Please feel free to refer to our ‘Things to Consider’ page where you will find a brief guide in regards to general costs and things to think about before you contact us!


You have 2 options!

If you are looking to install an indoor pool into an existing property then this is very different from us building a separate property to house your pool. You see, the average house, no matter how big and expensive, is not strong enough to withstand the amount of water required to fill a pool. There are other complications involved, however, it shouldn’t stop you from having an indoor pool built within your home. We simply talk you through everything that needs doing and we go from there!

If you are looking to have a separate building constructed with an indoor pool inside then this does make the process a little easier. It means we are able to prepare the foundations and surrounding landscape before building the pool. This also gives us so many more options in regards to the design and shape of your pool.

Don’t forget, we dont just specialise in building pools. We have constructed everything from new build properties to tree houses! This means our team can build a property to house your pool in any shape or form! 


Lets get started by having a chat about the type of pool you want and the basics you need to know before we get started. Get in touch with us and together we’ll start to plan the design and build of your pool. Head over to our Contact page where you can email or ring us.